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Making Dreams Come True

Upon A Star Events was created to help people who think a coordinator is out of their price range or not necessary for their size event. Planning and executing an event places stress on any client. But here, we take that stress off you and allow you to sit back and enjoy your event just as much as your guests do. You do not want to spend your wedding day thinking about centerpieces or the caterer. Businesses should not worry about the check-in table before their big presentation. Parents should relish their child’s birthday and not stress about where the gifts are or about the music cues. Finally, every event is special and we offer unique packages to fit any moment, no event is too big or too small for us. 

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A little about me

After working for the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History as their Special Event Coordinator, while I was finishing my Bachelor of Art at the University of Oklahoma. I decided to take my path in a more creative direction. Creating meaningful and magical events that fit every shape and size. My true passion in life is creating successful events that propel people, businesses, and nonprofits into their next stage. I do this by ensuring that high organization meets creative design in order to capture the spirit of any event of any size. I got my design skills from both of my parents, who worked in the theatre, but I got an extra boost of frugality from my father. Ensuring a dramatic and unique experience within any budget.

Allison Draheim

Founder & Creative Director

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